New Website for 2017!

Our good friends at Mango Graphic Design have been working hard again to create a brand new, and fresh website design for our 2017 Carnival.Over the past few weeks we have been coordinating with them to develop a more concise and detailed website for you to learn everything about the carnival.

Over the coming months before the carnival we will be keeping you updated with the development of this years carnival and there are some exciting things we have in store for you! We are just finalising the details for the 2017 carnival's opener and putting the finishing touches on our Flower, Vegetable and Craft Show brochures.

We have been working very hard booking new and exciting performances for this years carnival as well as searching for this years carnival opener. We are very excited and cannot wait to tell you all about it in the coming weeks.

       Roger Stratford, Parkend Carnival & Fete Chairperson

We've updated many parts of the site, especially the stall booking system, where we are now taking bookings for this years celebrations. Read more here.